CUBE is an elegant new outdoor shelter solution designed to meet the challenge of New Zealand’s climate. Incorporating clean, solid timber beams, CUBE offers an uncluttered and relaxing haven from the summer sun and prevailing winds.

CUBE is available with an internal height of 2.3m and lengths and widths of 2.6m, 3.8m or 5m, with the flexibility of connecting multiple CUBE units to provide larger spaces. Integration with existing buildings and structures is straightforward, with the use of steps or ramps and a range of canopy extension solutions.

Fabrication in our Te Kowhai production facility allows us to provide:

  • Accuracy – we construct each CUBE with accuracy and precision.
  • Cleanliness – minimal dust and environmental disturbance is produced during installation.
  • Speed – most units can be fully installed within 2 days, causing minimal disruption.
  • Value – production efficiency enables highly competitive pricing, with no surprises.
Shade Space Cube

Hassle Free

In most circumstances, CUBE installation will not require council consent. (Consent is only required for a CUBE: with louvres over 20sqm, with a floor height over 1.5m or a proximity of less than 1m from a property boundary. Balustrades are required with a floor height over 1m.)

Built to last

The clean aesthetic and structural integrity of each CUBE is achieved using highly engineered 316 stainless steel brackets. Though almost hidden, these brackets enable each CUBE to withstand the rigours of New Zealand’s harsh coastal environment.

Timber Treatment and Finish

Each CUBE frame and all timber decking solutions are treated to the requirements of the New Zealand building code, dressed and then protected with CD50 Extreme™. CD50 Extreme™ penetrates deeply minimising, cupping or splitting and is available in a range of colour tones.

Available in lengths and widths of 2.6m, 3.8m and 5m

CUBE is available with an internal height of 2.3m and the fexibility of connecting multiple CUBE units to provide larger spaces.

Canopy Solutions

As standard, each CUBE is installed with a fixed mesh canopy, the following upgrades are also available:

  1. Fixed Canopy – Waterproof PVC
  2. Retractable Folding Canopy – mesh (Waterproof PVC option available soon!)
  3. Aluminium Louvre – premium quality with manual and automated opening options.

Screen Solutions

The following options are available:

  1. Designer Solid Screens – Aluminum or stainless steel.
  2. Fixed Fabric Screens – woven shade mesh or clear PVC.
  3. Roll-up Screens – side zippers with woven shade mesh or clear PVC.
  4. Tracked Retractable Screens – spring loaded with woven shade mesh or clear PVC.
  5. Mesh Roller Blinds – Can be installed in combination with clear PVC screen options to reduce sun-strike.

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